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FreeJALduino was my first USB development board ever. But wasn’t compatible with Arduino and was incompatible with the other two boards FreeJALduino5 and FreeJALduino Mega 3c which were designed later to solve that Arduino incompatibility.

After I made FreeJALduino5 board and used for a while, when I returned to FreeJALduino smaller board, I was frustrated of not having optical indicators for power and boot mode. I decided to redesign it to have LED’s but keeping it as small as possible.

Now, this is a rework and is designed to be produced on PCB production houses as Olimex and BatchPCB. It have all FreeJALduino5 functionality except 3.3Vcc regulator and is almost as small as the first prototype and have the same number of LED’s as Mega variant. And of course, is compatible with the other boards, and use the same freejalduino4.jal library pin out definition layer as FreeJALduino5 board use.

The project and production files will follow for Eagle and KiCAD CAD programs.

Eagle files


– working at silk layer

KiCAD files
– working to create them (schematic almost ready)

Olimex project files
– entire project use only 4 dremel bits and diameters are the one used in the default Olimex setup (0.9, 1.1, 2.1 and 3.3 mm). All holes are plated and their final diameter will be reduced with 0.1mm so the real diameters at the end will be 0.8, 1, 2, 3.2 mm.
– the project adhere to 10mil Olimex drc rules with one mention: the margins (the clearance between traces, pads and vias and the margins of the board ) are at 30mil and not 40mil clearance.

BatchPCB project files
– not started yet (to check their rules)…

It can be programmed with JAL language, Pinguino IDE (a required file for pin configuration will be offered for beta 7 of this IDE), and any other language which support USB access (a conversion of JAL USB libraries is planned for a future version of Pic Micro Pascal language). If you want to build and use it, go here for details and tutorials.

to be completed…

  • Only through hole components
  • based on 18F2550 microcontroller
  • Power LED (green)
  • Led on Digital 13 pin (RC2) – Arduino compatible
  • Led on Digital 2 pin as Boot mode indicator – Pinguino board compatibility
  • Arduino 100mil shield connector problem solved.
  • Only 5V on board regulator (3.3V pin is unconnected)
  • Use the same freeejalduino4.jal library as FreeJALduino5 board (pinout compatible with all variants)




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